“Aren’t you tired?” he asked

“Tired of harbouring such vengeful nasty thoughts?”

“Let it go!” he cried.

Only then will I have peace of mind he said

For it is easier to forgive than hate.

A fool they believed me to be

And a fool I am

To give them more than they took from me.

Exhausting only is the anticipation of my emancipation.

Tunnel Vision - Deserted North Point Station, Hong Kong, 2013

Sunshine in London (On A Winter’s Day)

Sunshine in London is An Old Friend.

A squeeze of the hand

An unexpected well-made brew

A Smile before closed lids

An epiphany

Sunshine in London is Glorious Resolution.

Imagine me; I shall not exist if you do not imagine me.

— Humbert Humbert, Vladimir’s Nabokov’s Lolita (1955)